FaciliWorks DesktopFaciliWorks Desktop 8 maintenance management software is the highest quality PC-based software product available for the facilities maintenance marketplace. Easy to implement, easy to use and affordably priced, FaciliWorks will help you reduce maintenance costs, improve productivity and ensure greater asset uptime.

 FaciliWorks Benefits:
• Reduce maintenance costs
• Efficiently manage your workload
• Extend asset life
• Optimize inventory and purchasing
• Achieve and maintain standards & compliance
• Store & Retrieve Records
• Improve Maintenance Management Program Reliability
• Scalable to meet future needs

Our new customizable dashboard interface displays a summary of the items that need your attention for the day, allows you to easily navigate to any feature of the software and lets you create your own shortcuts to get quick access to the features you use most often. Even the language is customizable to each user; FaciliWorks Desktop can now be viewed in English or Spanish.

Comply with international and vendor standards, achieve and maintain 21 CFR Part 11 compliance; FaciliWorks  Desktop enables your company to be more competitive in an ever-changing competitive world. FaciliWorks Desktop is easy to install and very secure, providing IT with a confident and seamless maintenance software solution. FaciliWorks Desktop is easy to manage and operate, providing end-users with an efficient and practical maintenance software solution.

FaciliWorks is designed to grow with your organization, from a single user on one computer to several users on a local area network. FaciliWorks Desktop provides a client/server application to accommodate the largest of databases and the addition of many more users.

FaciliWorks Desktop Menu ItemsFaciliWorks Desktop Menu

FaciliWorks Desktop utilizes a simple menu system for easy navigation.

If you're involved in facilities and plant maintenance, FaciliWorks is the proven, comprehensive, efficient and easy-to-use Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) solution to fulfill your company's maintenance management needs.

CyberMetrics provides live technical support, consultation & implementation services and customized on-site or regional (classroom) training to ensure your company's successful implementation and utilization of FaciliWorks  Desktop software.

If you're looking for a highly scalable and powerful web-based enterprise asset management system (EAM), be sure to look at the FaciliWorks 8i solution. 



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