Label Printers

Generate durable, laminated gage and calibration labels directly out of GAGEtrak calibration management software. Print one label or hundreds at a time, on demand.

Brother PT-P900WC (desktop) and PT-P950NW (network) wireless desktop thermal transfer label printers are complete solutions that include the printer, label design software, an optional rechargeable battery and a full-length UL certified tape. These small footprint printers produce wide, premium-quality laminated labels at 360dpi print resolution, up to 1.26 inch (32mm) print height on 1.42 inch (36mm) tape, and have a built-in, dual-blade, automatic cutter that can produce a strip of pre-cut labels.

P-touch laminated labels are designed and tested for use in harsh environment applications to offer protection from moisture, temperature extremes, industrial chemicals, UV rays and abrasion. All printing is done on the underside of a clear polyester lamination layer as part of the printing process which saves time and eliminates the need for a manual over-lamination process. The result is an extremely durable label that stands up to the toughest conditions.

A special feature of these printers is that large label print jobs can be distributed simultaneously and evenly among multiple printers. Using this distributed printing mode will reduce the total printing time and reduce overall throughput. Distributed printing is available via the USB and Ethernet (PT-P950NW) interfaces.