GAGEtrak Calibration Management Software

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GAGEtrak Calibration Management Software – Single User License – Version 7
Includes a one-year maintenance agreement.
Please call for pricing on multi-user licensing and other configurations.
This product can be shipped or downloaded.

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GAGEtrak Calibration Management Software – Single User License – Version 7
Includes a one-year maintenance agreement.
Please call for pricing on multi-user licensing and other configurations.
This product can be shipped or downloaded.

GAGEtrak has a solid 30-year track record, countless auditor recommendations and many thousands of customers across the globe.

GAGEtrak calibration management software allows you to better manage your workload, minimize costs, maintain production schedules and ensure customer approval while maintaining compliance with international quality standards.

Use GAGEtrak to monitor scheduled and unscheduled calibrations, track gage locations, retrieve calibration records, produce calibration certificates and bar-coded calibration labels, employ gage R&R (MSA 4th Edition), create thorough, customized reports for management analysis and so much more.

GAGEtrak is also available as a hosted software solution; please contact us for pricing details at 1-800-777-7020 or through our contact form.

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6 reviews for GAGEtrak Calibration Management Software

  1. Dan

    Great Product. This software significantly increased the professionalism of our calibration systems. The ease of adding scanned documents greatly reduced the paper trail which was burdensome in our old system. Highly recommended product.

  2. Daniel Morgan

    Great. The transition from 6.8 to 7 was very easy. It didn’t take long for me to learn it, and teach my coworkers how to use it. I am very happy with the upgrade.


    When I started with 6.8 I liked, now 7.0 is even better. Being able to attach the gage cert, a picture of gage and blueprint is awesome. Also auto-email and sending email list directly from reports is very helpful. Using GAGEtrak makes your job more easy.

  4. Joe Longerbeam

    Invaluable and easy to use.
    We recently updated to GAGEtrak from Progage for use in our quality lab. After a very short adjustment period, we are having no issues with its use and are wishing that we would have made the switch much earlier. The software is self-explanatory and for the few questions we have had, the built in help and available tech support have answered those in within a few minutes. I would personally suggest this software to any company in need of a similar product for calibration management.

  5. Gregory Smith

    Nice upgrade but…..
    Version 7 is a nice upgrade but a few things could be better. 1. Changing standards used is painful. Adding a new standard is easy due to being able to click the button saying use for all on that cal but removing is horrible. Having to go to each test point then 3-4 clicks later it’s removed. Add a “remove all” button also. 2. When using “quick search” when you hit enter key it should close the search box. 3. Give us back the ability to compact/repair the database. My data base is very large and it’s helpful to be able to compact it. 4. Program is too slow to respond when you click the “pass” button on the calibration page. You have to sit there and wait for it to process things before you can continue. 5. Slow to allow you to enter a gage ID in the quick search box when you open it. Many, many times I open quick search and start to enter a gage ID and look up at the screen and the first 3 letters aren’t there. Wasn’t an issue with 6.5 so I think it can be solved! 6. Typing info into the report viewer filter box is also painful, you can type a couple of words before anything shows up on the screen. It causes mistakes as your not sure if you did enter something or not. I do love the dashboard feature and I use it whenever possible. Also being able to denote more then one standard used during a calibration provides a more through record.

  6. Andrew Anderson

    A worthy upgrade from Version 6.xx.
    Upgrading from 6.11 to 7 is practically seamless. 5.xx users will need tech support to convert your database. New users will find the help files quite useful and tech support has been outstanding solving problems and getting help. Obviously a lot more options than with 6.11. Small shops will find this relatively easy to use while large corporations with lots of personnel will have all the tools available to determine the real status and acceptability of their gauges. As nice as this software is, it isn’t with out it problems. When you first launch GAGEtrak and click on Gages in the navigation window, an error window pops up stating “The Form Gage Master Entry is not available in database”. Closing the window and clicking on Gages a second time brings up the form view of the first gauge in the database. In 6.11 you could scroll though the database entries in the form view with the mouse wheel. While this was a nice feature in 6.xx, it created other unexpected problems if you weren’t paying attention. In 7.x this has been disabled. However, there is now a small search window next to the navigation buttons. As soon as you type something in that window GAGEtrak begins searching based on what is typed. It doesn’t wait for you to finish and you don’t have to press Enter. Nice touch.. and FAST. If, by chance, you happen to open the Set Label/Weights window, you will find it’s too big to fit on the screen (1366×768). It’s difficult to close and can’t be resized. The Options and Tool toolbars are not that usable. Well, they are, if you don’t mind them being on top of everything and being in the way. They cover over the open windows you are working in. They should have been left as small buttons at the top or be able to slide up like the Navigation window can. As a result, switching from Form view to Datasheet view is a real pain with multiple clicks. Other than the few quirks I’ve found, I’m not at all dissatisfied. It serves our need quite well.

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