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How-to Questions

SUPPLIERtrak includes a Help System accessible from within the software and a PDF user guide. Please consult these documents first for answers to your how-to questions.


Before you contact Tech Support…

To receive technical support, you must have an active maintenance agreement and know your product name, version number and serial number.

When you contact Technical Support, one of our skilled technicians will lead you through steps to identify and solve the issue. You can do some of this exploration yourself to possibly resolve the issue without technical support:

Restart your computer; this can solve many problems.

Start at the beginning. Examine the data you have entered to be sure you are asking the program for what you want. For example, if a report does not include the information you expected, be sure you have typed the correct date range, etc.

Try the procedure again to see if you can duplicate the issue. Note the steps you take to recreate the issue and have these notes ready when you contact technical support.

Try a related procedure; for example, if you can’t print from the software, try printing from another program. If nothing prints, you know the problem is related to the printer, not the software. Check the printer connections and make sure the printer is turned on.

If the software used to work, but will no longer launch, think about what has changed with your computer. Have any new programs been installed lately?

Take note of any error messages you see on your screen.

Register License

Please visit our registration website to generate your trigger code in order to register your software license.

Call or Email Us

Local or outside US: +1 (480) 212-1257
Toll-free: 1-800-777-7020
M-F 6:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., MST.

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